Canhost Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber Network

Canhost is happy to provide access to the Kelowna fiber network.

Dark fiber is a fiber optic cable that doesn't have data flowing through it. It's referred to as “dark” because there are no fiber optic light signals being passed through the fiber. Not until the fiber network equipment is connected will the fiber be lit. Canhost can provide fiber connections from 1-10Gbps for high speed internet access and connections back to our data center infrastructure. Canhost is the only provider in the down town core that can provide access to dark fiber network

Data Center Access

Not only can you get incrediably fast fiber internet but you get an incredibly fast connection to the Canhost Datacenter.

Having a high speed fiber connection to the Canhost datacenter means you can colocate all your IT infrastructure in our secure and fully redundant datacenter. If you're looking to start or grow your IT infrastrcure then Canhost can provide you with customized options to suit your needs. Or choose from one of our many hosting products. Canhost is proudly all Canadian with all our services hosted here in Canada and nothing outsourced.

Grow your business

Get connected to fiber and grow!

Kelowna is British Columbia’s third-largest technology hub and is among a handful of cities in B.C. that can provide dark fiber to businesses and institutions. This makes Kelowna an attractive place to start-up, grow or relocate businesses that need to move large amounts of data.

Interested in connecting to fiber? Email us now!